'DuncsWeb Xtreme' was an Exclusive Modded Community Minecraft Server designed at providing more to gameplay than a standard survival server. Such additions include Biomes, Food, Mobs, Magic and Blocks.

Getting Started On The Xtreme Wiki

You can see the Contents and Features of the Xtreme Server (We recommend bookmarking these) to take full advantage of all that is to offer at DuncsWeb Xtreme. As pages are added, we'll add them to the Content and Features, but those pages (and this homepage) are protected to prevent vandalism.

A Little about DuncsWeb

We've been around in Minecraft since February 2011 and have found that updates have been slow and rarely provide interesting things for players to see and do. We've stretched Minecraft as much as we can and have now moved to adding excellent mods provided by the community. We're as excited to build xtreme as you are to play it!


Xtreme Client

Xtreme and Xtreme++ Client

The Xtreme Client currently contains the main mods from the Mods Page

The Xtreme++ Client includes Optifine LiteReis Minimap and Inventory Tweaks

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How to Join The Xtreme Server

Unfortunately, due to lack of players the Xtreme Server has been discontinued.

Thanks to all who participated in the modded minecraft server!

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